Campaigns build awareness, foster or support, or provide education. At Shew Design, campaigns are goal oriented, audience focused, and calendar-based.

  • Shew Design - BE in Bellingham - business cards
    BE in Bellingham Campaign
  • Shew Design - Mt Baker Planned Parenthood - postcards
    Mt. Baker Planned Parenthood campaigns
  • shew design - power past coal - signage
    power past coal campaign
  • shew design - dv commission - buttons
    DV Commission outreach


the Shew Design advantage

learning and adaptability

Unlike other companies, Shew Design will actively learn about your organization and message before we do creative work . While we can’t surpass the knowledge and experience you have, we will harness it in our creative work.

low overhead, high value

As a dedicated service provider, our low overhead enables us to offer high quality services that are are affordable to small and medium-sized organizations. Furthermore, by utilizing only those skill bases that are required to provide a solution for a particular project, we can manage our overhead more effectively.

components and process

Our development process begins with your goals and has two basic elements.


The first is the creative work, including messages, designs, photography, collateral, and ads that are created to work together to achieve your goals.

We will collaborate with you to articulate and refine the strategic underpinnings of the campaign, including details like calls to action, audience, and any other details that help build value, awareness or understanding about your message.

Once this is complete, we will develop a range of choices designed to be in alignment with your strategy. Based on your feedback, we will finalize the messaging and design.


The second is a planning process, including media costs, a media schedule, a review process, and similar elements that help us work with you efficiently.

Media planning can be handled in a variety of ways. We can recommend a general high level budget or a very detailed item by item plan for moving forward. It is your choice to purchase the media on your own or to have us purchase it for you on your behalf.


  • print and radio ads
  • press releases
  • social media
  • printed and electronic newsletters
  • print collateral
  • interior and exterior bus ads
  • posters and fliers
  • signage, stickers, clothing