Copywriting is a critical and often undervalued skill in marketing communications. It works closely with graphic design to create clarity, value, and excitement about your products and services.

We think both the quality and the presentation of writing helps you create engagement and clarity, with unusual approaches communicating a fresh perspective.

Shew Design - Mt Baker Planned Parenthood - newsletters

Mt Baker Planned Parenthood Newsletter

Shew Design completed the layout and the writing of the leading article for this newsletter. The results of this newsletter surpassed all previous fundraising records.

Guest Editorial for Kulshan Community Land Trust

A ghost-written editorial appeared in the Bellingham Herald and resulted in the donation of two homes to the land trust.

Shew Design - BE in Bellingham - business cards

Be in Bellingham Campaign

This headline treatment has helped foster awareness and engagement through the use of collateral material, signs, ads, the web, and other applications.

Shew Design - Whatcom Alliance for Health Advancement - end of life

End of Life Choices

This packet of materials created awareness and engagement about the importance of creating an end of life directive.

Shew Design - Baker Birch Bay Tourism - hiking guide Shew Design - Baker Birch Bay birding book

Let’s go Hiking / Let’s Go Birding

These booklets took an fresh, unconventional approach to prompting people to experience the natural world.

Chuckanut Builders map

Chuckanut Builders: project process map

This infographic guides people through the Chuckanut Builder’s construction process, speaking to concerns or questions they may have at the outset of the process.

Shew Design - KulshanCLT-HappyStories Booklet

“Happy Families” Kulshan Community Land Trust

This booklet profiles families who own homes that are part of the Kulshan Community Land Trust.

Shew Design - City of Bellingham - Save your unused medications campaign

Dispose of your medication campaign

This awareness campaign to prompt people to safely dispose of their medication surpassed project goals by a factor of almost three!



  • print and radio ads
  • press releases
  • social media
  • printed and electronic newsletters
  • print collateral
  • interior and exterior bus ads
  • posters and fliers
  • signage, stickers, clothing